If the below frequently asked questions don’t help, please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please provide your account email address and card number/s for all support enquiries.


How do I change my email address?

If you’re a registered member you can update your email address by logging into your account.  This will trigger the email verification process so that we can verify your new email address.

How do I reset my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, go to Account Sign in, enter your email address (the email address you registered with) and click on the ‘Reset password’ link, which will trigger the password reset process.

Why do you need my email address when registering for My Challenge?

Your card number is linked to your email address. If you lose your card, you can still accumulate points and rewards against your registered email account without the need to scan your card.

How can I view my account and Points balance?

You can check this by scanning your card at any participating Challenge store. Or login to your My Challenge account.

I’m trying to log in to my account but an error message appears saying my email address isn’t valid. What should I do?

This could be due to your email address not being verified. Please get in touch with our Customer Support Team with your email address and card number.

How can I delete my My Challenge Account?

If you decide to delete your My Challenge account, please get in touch providing your email address and My Challenge card number, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Where do I get a My Challenge card?

Just pick one up at your nearest participating Challenge store.

How do I register the My Challenge card?

Scan the card in store and provide the cashier with your email address.  You'll be able to receive an everyday fuel discount straight away and will also earn Points for your spend.  You'll then receive a verification email to complete your registration and verify your email address. 

How do I add or delete cards from my account?

To add or delete a card from your account, you will need to sign into your account first. You can manage and disable cards from here under the 'CARDS' area.

What if I lose or damage the My Challenge card?

If you lose your card, just pick up a new card and ask the cashier to link the card to the same email address account you already have. You can delete your old card by logging in to your account.

If I sign up in-store, will I qualify for the fuel discount straight away?

Yes, you can benefit from an everyday fuel discount as soon as you start the sign up process by providing your email address and scanning your new card.  You will also earn Points straight away.  However, your email address will need to be verified and registration complete before you can redeem your Points.  Once done, you'll receive 500 bonus My Challenge Points.  

Can I connect additional My Challenge cards to my account?

Yes. You can have up to 10 My Challenge cards linked to the same email address.

What should I do if I forget to swipe my card to earn My Challenge points?

If you have your receipt you can claim missing Points by getting in touch with us and providing your email address and card number.  

Community Support: 

How do I donate to a Community Group?

Once you’ve earned enough Points to qualify for a $5 Donation, you can redeem your Points in store.  Just let the cashier know you'd like to redeem your Points for the $5 Donation reward for your selected group. Our Community Groups can be viewed here.

Can I nominate a community group that I'd like the My Challenge programme to support?

Have a chat with your local participating Challenge retailer to see if they qualify for the programme.

Where can I find out more about the Community Groups that Challenge supports through My Challenge?

All our My Challenge Community Groups can be found listed on our website along with an update on the amount of funds they have received from the My Challenge Programme.

Fuel Discounts: 

How do I redeem My Challenge fuel discounts?

Our friendly Challenge staff will simply scan your card when you're in store and will apply the relevant fuel discount to your transaction. If you don't have your card on you, just let the cashier know your email address and they can search for your account.

What's the difference between a fuel discount and Points?

A fuel discount is a cents per litre discount on eligible fuel purchases. Points are what you earn for all eligible purchases at participating Challenge stores, and can be redeemed for specified rewards when you reach the Points balance for that reward.

What is the fuel discount I'll receive with My Challenge?

Standard card holders receive an everyday fuel discount of 6 cents per litre. SuperGold and Grey Power customers receive a minimum everyday fuel discount of 8 cents per litre (some South Island stores offer more). There is no minimum spend requirement, however the discount only applies to a maximum of 100 litres.

What is the maximum amount of fuel I can redeem my fuel discounts for?

The maximum amount of fuel that qualifies for a My Challenge fuel discount is 100 litres.

Can I use multiple fuel discounts at the same time?

At this stage stacking fuel discounts is not possible. However once you have earned enough Points you can redeem them for a $5 My Challenge fuel discount which can be used at the same time as redeeming your everyday fuel discount.

Can I use the fuel discounts on all types of fuel?

Yes you can use the fuel discount on any fuel option that is offered at any participating Challenge store.


What is the earn rate for My Challenge Points?

You'll earn 1 point for every $1 spent at any participating Challenge retailer.

Do My Challenge fuel discounts or Points expire?

Everyday fuel discounts do not expire, however Points expire after a 12 month period. 


What if I choose not to opt in for Marketing?

When you sign up to My Challenge you agree to give permission for Challenge to contact you about relevant promotions, however you can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link in any of our marketing emails, or by logging into your account

You'll still receive the same programme benefits, however you won't hear from us directly about news or offers. You'll only hear about these when you're at your local participating Challenge retailer. This means you could miss out on hearing about boosted fuel discount offers which we run from time to time.

How do I unsubscribe from the My Challenge emails?

Log in to your My Challenge account and change your communication preferences. Or click on the unsubscribe link that will be at the bottom of the latest marketing email you received from us.

Further Information: 

How do I contact My Challenge for more information and help with my account?

Please get in touch providing your email address and My Challenge card number, and we will get back to you as soon as possible

I usually pay with a fuelcard – can I participate in My Challenge?

Unfortunately if you're paying with a Farmlands Card, Farm Source Card or any other type of fuel card you are not eligible to receive My Challenge programme benefits.

If I pay with an MTA gift card, Amex or Diners Card am I eligible for My Challenge Points and discounts?

Yes you can earn Points and receive fuel discounts with these payment card types.